traineeship it junior software developer eindhoven in noord-brabant

€ 2,340 per maand
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Information Technology
€ 2,340 per maand
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Vacature omschrijving

The developer of the future should have quite a lot of skills to be "future-fit". Just being able to program would become insufficient. Aside from a strong analytical ability, adaptability and creativity, you need to be communicative, you should be able to present, work under high pressure with narrow deadlines and be able to work on several projects. In short, you are expected to be a jack of all trades. You could probably use some help with that. 

Our Most Dev Talent Program is a 2 year program in which we focus on your development. During the course of 2 years you get trained technically as well as on a personal level. You will achieve certifications to qualify you're compentence. We also coach you on your soft skills which we will gradually develop to ensure a succesful career in line with your ambitions. 

What does the program training look like?

You start of in a class of 10-12 talents in a 6-week training to learn the fundaments of C#.NET software development. You will develop a product for a client through collaborating in a group. After this training you will start with an employer. Having started with an employer, we will continue on training you where we further develop your technical and personal skillset:

  • Personal development: intervision, coaching, e-study, workshops
  • Java, Front-end development, Security, Angular, Design Patterns, Threading & Concurrency and more

The start of this program will be in September 2018. 
  • Our Talent Program offers a 2-year contract with Yacht. After the program you can enroll in our medior or senior program;
  • At the start of the 2-year contract you can expect a starting salary of €2.340,- with great benefits e.g. holidays, pension.
  • We will look for employers near you, we take into account your travelling distance a well as an in-depth challenge for an assignment.


We like to invest in professional who have ambition and a solid motivation. That's why we're looking for talents who want to invest in themselves and want to make a career for themselves as a software developer. To be eligible for our Most Dev Talent Program, the following is important:
  • You have recently finished a Bachelor or Master education in ICT or Science/Engineering;
  • You are a EU-resident, have a dependent visa or achieved a degree in a top 200 university;
  • You have proven analytical and statistical knowledge, coding is a plus;
  • You are ready to commit to a 2-year program;
  • You speak English fluently, Dutch is a plus;
  • You can specify why you want to be a programmer.