deputy continued airworthiness manager in london

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Experience and qualifications

* Working knowledge and understanding of aircraft maintenance management (E)
* Experience of EASA Part M and Part 145 requirements (E)
* Experience in the induction and return of aircraft from lessors (E)
* Experience in the preparation of work packages for the introduction of modification programmes, and maintenance checks (E).
* Experience in forward planning of heavy maintenance activity.
* Management experience.

Key functions:

In conjunction with the CAW Manager and Technical Director, ensures that the organisation's responsibilities in the following areas can be met:

* Working in accordance with EASA (Part M) requirements and processes and procedures.
* Ensures that all maintenance management functions comply with Part M requirements.
* Undertakes and manages the team performing the review of continued airworthiness information, including AD, SB, maintenance programme etc.
* Leads reliability programme and reporting.
* Oversight of modifications and repairs, ensuring all modifications and repairs are performed to an approved standard.
* Ensuring any instructions for continued airworthiness or follow on inspections are captured and incorporated to the aircraft maintenance programme as required.
* Ensuring all scheduled maintenance is carried out in accordance with the approved maintenance programmes.
* Ensuring all applicable airworthiness directives and operational directives are captured and applied in full, within the prescribed period.
* Capture and review of all non-mandatory airworthiness data, as issued by the Type Certificate / Supplemental Type Certificate holder(s) for their aircraft, engine and equipment, implementing action plans as required.
* Coordinate (Plan) scheduled maintenance, the application of airworthiness directives, the replacement of service life limited parts and component inspections to ensure the work is carried out properly.
* Maintain continued airworthiness records in accordance with Part M.
* Ensure that the mass and balance statement reflect the current status of the aircraft.
* Review and implementation, as appropriate, of any additional UK CAA requirements.
* Liaison with the aircraft, engine and equipment manufacturers regarding continuing airworthiness matters.
* Ensuring that the applicable procedures under their responsibility are complied with.


Continuous improvement

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aerospace engineering