These days there’s a lot of talk about artificial intelligence and ‘smart machines’ - devices that can teach themselves how to do things. The subject is exciting, confusing, and maybe even a bit scary. Given how fast the digital world is changing, preparing for the future can feel difficult. But it’s not just algorithms and computers that can learn and improve themselves. Of course we can too. 

Upskilling is more important now than ever. We all feel the momentum for change this crisis has brought. Embracing that and paving the way for people to develop new skills will help us rebuild faster. Fear might get in the way and we can find ourselves questioning if it’s the right time to try something new. The anxiety is natural. Don’t let it stop you from taking that first step, whether it be a free online course, a YouTube tutorial, or just a conversation with a friend.

We’re in a time of extreme transition. We have a choice to either sit back and wait for what comes next, or be proactive and take the steps to shape our future. I’m inspired to hear about people deciding to learn a new skill, or to share their own expertise with others. I’m always curious, so let’s start a conversation about what helps you stay motivated to keep learning. 

about the author

Jacques van den Broek

ceo and chair of the executive board

Randstad's Global CEO, leading our mission of supporting people and organizations in realizing their true potential.