The global pandemic made a negative impact on nearly every industry, including the construction sector. Some construction sites faced complete shutdowns as these projects were deemed nonessential. Those companies that were able to continue working faced unpredictable challenges, including disruptions in the supply chain, increased material costs and temporary closures due to COVID exposure.

With the effects of COVID finally starting to subside and construction sites across the world reopening, many construction leaders are anxious to see how quickly the market can rebound. If global predictions are correct, these business leaders won’t have to wait long. GlobalData research predicted a 5.2% growth rate for the construction industry for 2021, which will bring the market up to its pre-pandemic levels of 2019.

While the future of the industry appears bright, one major challenge still remains — the shortage of skilled construction workers. In fact, in the United States alone, 90% of construction companies claimed to be struggling to find skilled workers - and this was before the pandemic hit. This major skills gap on top of the overall labor shortage facing global markets will make it more difficult for construction employers to find the skilled workers they need to meet increased demands.

As experts in the recruitment industry, our teams at Randstad have the skills, tools and capabilities to help your company attract, hire and retain the top talent it needs to move forward.


5 ways randstad can improve construction company’s hiring outcomes

For decades, Randstad has been helping employers in the construction industry attract and hire the talent it needs to remain competitive. With more than 60 years in the market, we have developed a strong sense of which hiring tactics work and which strategies are more costly than effective. We know what it takes to help employers meet both current and future labor demands. 

While we use many tools, strategies and recruitment solutions to help clients meet recruitment demands, below is a look at  four ways we can help your company obtain the hiring outcomes it needs to move forward in today's post-pandemic market.  

1.      access to construction talent

At Randstad, we help construction companies just like yours fill vacant positions at all levels. In fact, we have extensive experience helping employers in the construction industry recruit top talent. Whether utilizing our vast network of pre-screened talent or by developing innovative recruitment strategies, Randstand can help your company attract, hire and retain the talent it needs. Below is just a small sampling of some of the roles our teams can help your company fill.

general laborers

  • construction laborers
  • machine operators
  • demolition laborers


  • civil engineers
  • structural engineers
  • worksite safety specialists

professional services

  • electricians
  • plumbers
  • roofers


  • site managers
  • project managers
  • construction accountants

2. thoroughly screened candidates

Studies show that the cost to hire, onboard and train just one employee can be as much as 21% of the existing worker’s salary. At a time when many construction companies are facing budget constraints as the markets recover from the pandemic, employers simply can’t afford to make wrong hiring decisions.

When you work with Randstad, you can have peace of mind knowing that your company will only be connected with high-quality candidates. We combine our recruitment expertise, human insights and innovative HR technology to screen each candidate in our vast network of prospective applicants.

While having instant access to our vast talent database of pre-screened talent is a great benefit, we take this process one step further. Unlike some of our competitors, we take the time to understand your business processes, pain points and hiring goals. Our talent experts can help you develop an accurate persona of your ideal candidate and identify the required skill sets, including both hard and soft skills.

Based on this criterion, we can scour our talent pipeline to identify prospective candidates that closely align with your target candidate. By connecting you with candidates that not only have the necessary skills but who are also a better match for job and boss fit, your company can improve hiring outcomes, reduce turnover and decrease recruitment costs.

3.      Flexibility

One labor challenge facing many construction employers is the need to scale their workforces up or down to meet project demands. This challenge can be quite difficult to overcome without relying on contingent workers. In fact, a strong strategy to acquire and deploy contingent workers is crucial in today’s changing landscape and can lead to positive outcomes such as:

  • Cost savings, since you're only paying for the resource you need, when you need it
  • Acquiring particular skills for certain projects or short-term needs
  • Agility and adaptability

When you work with Randstad, you can take full advantage of our flexible staffing solutions. We’ll add strategic and operational value by recruiting and managing your contingent workforce on your behalf. The combination of our recruitment services and workforce management solutions ensure our clients in the construction industry are able to meet their project needs.

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One labor challenge facing many construction employers is the need to scale their workforces up or down to meet project demands

4.      time to focus on your core business

Like many sectors, the construction industry is facing uncertain times. While the market is showing positive signs of recovery, leaders in the construction sector must prioritize their talent strategy to  meet the increased demands.

By allowing Randstad to handle some, or all, of the recruitment and workforce management processes, business leaders in the construction industry will have more time to focus on growing their company. Our teams at Randstad can handle the entire recruitment process, including hiring, onboarding and training or just a portion of it. Randstad also provides HR supportive services, such as payroll management, workforce communications and ongoing training.

However, we understand that no two businesses are the same and that each client has its own unique hiring needs and goals, which is why we allow our clients to determine which tasks they want our teams to handle and which duties they want to remain in-house. Since we offer a high-level of transparency and reporting, construction employers can stay up to date on the latest recruitment efforts without wasting valuable time. 

Don’t wait until the skills shortage grows even wider. Instead, download our staffing guide today to learn more about how our Randstad recruitment and workforce management solutions can help your company prepare for the upcoming growth in the construction industry.

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sarah sellam

national key account manager for the construction industry, randstad france

Sarah is responsible for the development of the construction sector in Randstad France. Throughout her career, she has developed and implemented various initiatives to improve the HR solutions for our clients in this sector. She started her career as a staffing consultant in Randstad France in 2015. Later, she took on the role of regional construction manager until she became national key account manager for the construction industry.

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