24/7 access to a flexible workforce.

Relevate Workforce Schedule is an online scheduling and workforce planning system that makes managing a flexible workforce simple. Through Relevate Workforce Schedule, clients have access to a selection of pre-screened workers and can staff up or down as needed.


  • easy to use
  • efficient process
  • speed
  • time-saving
  • self-service
  • 24/7 access

how does it work

  • pool creation : creating the ideal pool of candidates for your business.
    Based on your business needs, we compile a pool of temporary workers.
  • install app : your schedule is only one download away.
    We make sure every temporary worker downloads the app and is appropriately onboarded, teaching them how to fill in their availability correctly.
  • onboarding manager : adapting to a new way of scheduling and communicating. 
    Your manager connects to the planning portal.
  • planning : a clear overview of all available workers.
    Your manager can plan their needs for temporary workers.
  • notification : say goodbye to voicemail, mail and SMS.
    Temporary workers receive a notification about the job proposed by you, which he or she can validate.
  • confirm and feedback : performance management is easier than ever.
    Once a job is completed, you will be able to confirm and also provide feedback about the performance of the temporary worker.
  • pool management : we make sure your pool is up-to-date and meets your needs.
    Your Randstad consultant ensures that your worker pool is complete and that the temporary workers have updated their availability, ensuring your complete satisfaction.


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