• HR services remains an attractive market with clear structural growth opportunities, buoyed by an evolving traditional recruitment model and the acceleration of labor market trends.
  • Randstad’s differentiated strategy and Tech and Touch approach, along with its unrivalled scale and size and developing digital capabilities, are driving long-term sustainable value creation for all stakeholders. 
  • Committed to the Science Based Targets initiative Business Ambition for 1.5ºC pledge, and commits to setting science-based targets with the ambition of Net Zero by 2050. 
  • Long-term financial objectives are re-confirmed. Randstad remains focused on growing profitable market share, while aiming for an EBITA margin of 5-6% over time.
  • Trading update: October organic revenue growth +17% vs. Oct 2020 (+10.5% vs. Oct 2019, supported by an extra weekend). Volume trend in early November indicates continued positive momentum, while still exercising caution as pandemic-related instabilities and limited visibility remain.
  • Today, Randstad will host a virtual Capital Markets Day, where the Executive Board will provide an update on the Company’s strategy and financial ambitions.

Over the past sixty years, Randstad has built a global market-leading position in HR services, constantly adapting to the ever-changing world of work. Structural trends from technological advancement to increased labor scarcity and a greater demand for flexibility present unparalleled growth opportunities for the HR services industry.

Randstad is uniquely positioned to take advantage of these opportunities:

  • A diversified portfolio across staffing, professionals and other HR services means Randstad covers the full talent matrix across types of work and sectors. This enables Randstad to offer total talent solutions and capture more opportunities through the entire life cycle of talent.
  • Global scale gives Randstad access to rich sources of data and unparalleled insights. These factors enable Randstad to stay ahead of the market and drive market share gains.
  • Randstad’s continued investment in its digital capabilities, and its Tech and Touch strategy gives clients bespoke services, while Randstad maintains a human forward approach to build long-term, personal, relationships.

Ultimately, Randstad is driven to become the world’s most valued ‘work life partner’, and is committed to measuring its impact on society as we pursue our goal of making a positive impact on 500 million work lives by 2030. Randstad also believes in an environmentally sustainable future of work so has committed to the Science Based Targets initiative Business Ambition for 1.5ºC pledge and to set science-based targets with the ambition of Net Zero by 2050.

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In a world where talent is becoming more scarce and structural labor market trends are fundamentally changing the world of work, Randstad’s proven Tech and Touch approach and continued focus on talent is more important than ever.
Our global scale and access to extensive data and insights, coupled with our online recruitment platform, Monster, and strong concepts that are trusted by our clients, enable us to fully take advantage of these opportunities and continue to outperform.
As we look ahead, we re-confirm our long-term financial ambitions, and are encouraged by continued positive momentum into the second half of the year. We have great confidence in our strategy - and the human forward foundations that underpin it - as we focus on growing market share across our portfolio.

Jacques van den Broek

CMD presentations

Today’s virtual Capital Markets Day will include presentations from the entire Executive Board, testimonials from clients, deep-dive presentations of Randstad’s digital product offering, Monster and Randstad’s talent sourcing strategy. The event will cover these six areas:

Randstad positioned for growth - structural trends are redefining the world of work. Randstad’s differentiated strategy, size and scale, unique data-led insights and differentiated Tech and Touch approach, position the company to take advantage of those trends.

Value creation through a diversified portfolio - ensuring sustainable, long-term value creation for all stakeholders, while aiming for an EBITA margin of 5-6% over time. With a disciplined capital allocation strategy, where organic growth is complemented by bolt-on M&A.

Accelerating digital capabilities - tech is structurally added to Randstad’s proven touch concepts, bringing speed, scale and agility to the business. Global data assets enable Randstad to evolve its Tech and Touch approach and bring more value to its clients and talent.

Building global businesses - a deep-dive on Monster and how it makes it easier for clients to source the right talent, and for talent to find employment faster and Randstad’s Enterprise business, a key delivery channel for services to global multinational clients. 

Leveraging demand for Professionals - creating value through our portfolio by expanding our presence in the North America region and our focus on Professionals and why we believe that Professionals is a long-term attractive market opportunity. 

The long-term opportunity in Staffing - an evolving Staffing concept to take advantage of growth opportunities in a long-term attractive market. Underpinned by Randstad’s strong foundations, including Randstad’s culture and its people.

trading update

In October 2021, organic revenue per working day increased +17% vs. Oct 2020 (+10.5% vs. Oct 2019, supported by an extra weekend). The development of volumes in early November indicates continued positive momentum, while still exercising caution as pandemic-related instabilities and limited visibility remain. 

video webcast

The event is scheduled to take place from 14:00 – 18:00 CET and there will be an opportunity for analysts and investors to participate in a live Q&A session with the Executive Board members after the presentations.

To attend the virtual event at 14:00 CET and watch all the presentations in real-time, please register here: www.randstadcapitalmarketsday.com

The online event will be recorded and a replay will be available on our website shortly after the event at www.randstad.com/investor-relations/results-and-reports/quarterly-results/


Certain statements in this document concern prognoses about the future financial condition, risks, investment plans, and the results of operations of Randstad N.V. and its operating companies, as well as certain plans and objectives. Obviously, such prognoses involve risks and a degree of uncertainty, since they concern future events and depend on circumstances that will apply then. Many factors may contribute to the actual results and developments differing from the prognoses made in this document. These factors include, but are not limited to, general economic conditions, shortages on the job market, changes in the demand for personnel (including flexible personnel), achievement of cost savings, changes in the business mix, changes in legislation (particularly in relation to employment, staffing and tax laws), the role of industry regulators, future currency and interest fluctuations, availability of credit on financially acceptable terms, the successful completion of company acquisitions and their subsequent integration, successful disposals of companies, the rate of technological developments, the impact of pandemics and our ability to identify other relevant risks and mitigate their impact. These prognoses therefore apply only on the date on which this document was compiled. The quarterly results as presented in this press release are unaudited. 

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Randstad is the global leader in the HR services industry. We support people and organizations in realizing their true potential by combining the power of today’s technology with our passion for people. We call it Human Forward. In 2020, we helped nearly two million candidates find a meaningful job with more than 236,000 clients. Furthermore, we trained close to 350,000 people. Randstad is active in 38 markets around the world and has a top-three position in almost half of these. In 2020, Randstad had on average 34,680 corporate employees and generated revenue of € 20.7 billion. Randstad was founded in 1960 and is headquartered in Diemen, the Netherlands. Randstad N.V. is listed on the NYSE Euronext (symbol: RAND.AS). For more information, see www.randstad.com.

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