• Randstad reaffirms its commitment to refugee and migrant support at Tent’s European Business Summit
  • This response comes as Randstad exceeded 90% of its 3 year target in 2022 alone – supporting over 18,800 refugees
  • Calls for a whole-of-society approach to create employment opportunities for those displaced by conflict, persecution, climate change and other factors

Ahead of World Refugee Day on 20 June 2023, Randstad, the world’s largest talent company, joined Tent’s European Business Summit in Paris to accelerate the economic integration of refugees. This comes as Randstad bolsters its support to refugees across the globe with a renewed pledge to improve the work lives of 50,000 people over the next three years (2023-2025), of which it aims to train 10,000 and place 40,000 people in jobs.

Randstad has already met its 2022-2024 target to support the work lives of 20,000 refugees. In 2022 alone, the company mobilized its resources internationally and expedited its firm commitment to refugees by supporting over 18,800 people through job placements or training to improve their employability. This means that since 2011, Randstad has supported the work lives of more than 100,000 refugees through skilling and job placement.

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I am truly humbled by the efforts of our Randstad community to support refugees to improve their economic security in their host countries. We are on track to surpass our 2024 refugee support goal, and emboldened to do more to assist those in search of security and economic freedom to achieve it for themselves and their families. As such, we are announcing an even more impactful goal to support 50,000 people through skilling and job placement by 2025. Refugees are an important part of the talent pool – many of whom carry exceptionally important skills and experiences. We’re proud of the employers who have worked with us to fill these gaps and make a meaningful difference. We call on more companies to follow suit by opening up their vacancies for refugee candidates.

chris heutink
executive board member at randstad.
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A job is key to unlocking dignity, economic security and a vastly improved future for refugees and their families in new countries. It helps individuals settle in new communities by building a social network, learning a new language, and supporting a sustainable future for both their lives and livelihoods. We are proud of Randstad’s bold new goal of supporting 50,000 refugees by 2025 and, off the back of having met its previous three year goal in only one year, we are confident that the company will continue to set a great example of the talent industry’s ability to step up in the face of global crises.

gideon maltz
ceo of the tent partnership for refugees.

Randstad continuously leverages its worldwide reach and network to improve the lives and outlook for refugees. Our global efforts to support their work lives include, among others:

  • In the Netherlands, Randstad has partnered with the Almere municipality and the Central Agency for the Reception of Asylum Seekers in a pilot project which seeks to reduce waiting times for refugees and migrants in finding employment. The first of its kind, this pilot is located within a housing location for asylum seekers where tailor-made advice is provided directly to the talent pool for opportunities ranging from IT internships to contracts in hospitality. 
  • Randstad Italy is focused on reskilling and upskilling migrants and refugees to ensure they can be successful when joining new organizations. Since the start of 2023, over 1,000 people have been directed to orientation and training courses this year. 
  • In 2023, Randstad Poland pledged to provide employment to 1,500 Ukrainian refugees, the majority of whom are women. To further meet pressing needs, a once-off allowance for necessary expenses is offered alongside housing support, subsidized child care, and Polish language courses. 
  • In Australia, Randstad supports an 8-week mentoring program with learning focused on personal branding and interview skills. At the end of the program, Randstad invites clients and participants to a networking event so they can foster suitable employment matches. After finishing the course, on average, 80% of participants have found employment.
  • Together with a local government and non-profit organization, Randstad Portugal runs a 5-week course to support career development skills. The lessons are given in English and individual and group coaching sessions are available. It is also an opportunity for networking where the students are able to learn the Portuguese language with each other.
  • Since the start of 2023, Randstad Germany has supported over 3,000 refugees with mentorship support and modular qualifications, including German language courses and eLearning for sectors in demand such as production and logistics. Randstad also collaborates with the ‘Companies Integrate Refugees’ network to match potential job candidates with employers and participates at major career fairs across the country. 

Randstad calls for the whole-of-society, including employers, job seekers, government, and all stakeholders, to actively work together so that refugees and migrants can secure work that builds toward a secure, free, and meaningful future.

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Randstad is the world’s largest talent company and a partner of choice to clients. We are committed to providing equitable opportunities to people from all backgrounds and help them remain relevant in the rapidly changing world of work. We have a deep understanding of the labor market and help our clients to create the high-quality, diverse and agile workforces they need to succeed. Our 46,000 employees around the world make a positive impact on society by helping people to realize their true potential throughout their working life. 

Randstad was founded in 1960 and is headquartered in Diemen, the Netherlands. In 2022, in our 39 markets, we helped more than 2 million people find a job that feels good and advised over 230,000 clients on their talent needs. We generated revenue of €27.6 billion. Randstad N.V. is listed on the Euronext Amsterdam. For more information, see www.randstad.com

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