Tomorrow the Netherlands will commemorate Liberation Day. As the day approaches I’ve been thinking about how we tend to take freedom for granted. Of course a pandemic is not a war, but as we observe people’s responses in countries where lockdown measures are carefully being lifted, the value of freedom becomes more tangible.

It’s encouraging to see people come together for the greater good.  At Randstad we too are focusing on being part of the solution. Through the alliance we formed we’ll provide guidance for businesses to safely get back to work by sharing research and expertise, and it’s encouraging to see the positive response from employers, trade unions and NGOs to collaborate. 2020 continues to be a year full of challenges and opportunities. On Liberation Day let’s reflect with gratitude, cherish the alliances we formed, and remember the values that define us. 

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jacques van den broek.


As Randstad Group’s CEO, I lead our mission of supporting people and organizations in realizing their true potential.