I’ve spoken a lot about the challenges we’re facing, however, lately I’m encouraged by the news of more countries seeing a decline in COVID-19 cases and moving towards easing restrictions. A transition from survival mode to economic regeneration isn’t something most people experience in their lifetime, but we can take the lessons learned and continue to move forward.

I’m grateful we’re in a unique position to support organizations that are navigating their way to working within the new physical distancing economy. Only a few weeks ago we formed the Alliance to facilitate the safe and smooth re-start of business around the world by sharing our expertise in HR services.

We published a source of best practices from the Alliance’s review of over 400 health and safety protocols across 13 countries and five sectors. Businesses can use it to get them up and running in a safe, healthy and effective way. I'm hopeful this will not only benefit businesses and their employees and workers, but will contribute to the wider recovery of economies and, as employment returns, may play a part in supporting the resilience of society as a whole.

To find out more download the booklet here.

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jacques van den broek.


As Randstad Group’s CEO, I lead our mission of supporting people and organizations in realizing their true potential.