The impact of COVID-19 has been unrelenting and life-changing, but around the world we see growing signs of improvements. Our latest Workmonitor research confirms this as optimism is growing among the world’s workforce.

With a strong appetite for going back to the workplace for at least part of their week, the more than 27,000 workers we surveyed in 34 markets said that they are more hopeful and anticipate greater job opportunities in the months ahead. A majority say they miss in-person interaction with colleagues and that they are willing to get vaccinated if required for their jobs.

ceo message 09042021
ceo message 09042021

One of the most assuring findings for me is that most workers, following policies enacted by their employer, want to stay with their company for the long term. This tells me organizations are attuned to the needs of their workforce and are focused on the well-being of their teams. At the same time, survey respondents have expressed additional needs to overcome today’s unique challenges. 

You can learn what these needs are by reading the report.

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