Given the immensity of the global response to the coronavirus outbreak, I find myself writing with extra caution to avoid framing the events of the past week in the language of action movies. The ways that people have responded to daily disruptions, and the critical care provided by overextended first responders, have been extraordinary. Out of necessity, this crisis has compelled so many to reorganize their ways of working and reorder the priorities of business and industry alike. So, instilling, strengthening and refining a sense of collective effectiveness must be at the heart of everything we do.

This coincides with our commitment to strive for a diverse, inclusive and secure labor market. Our focus on providing that extra stepping stone to those who need it most is more important than ever. Through retraining, upskilling and coaching we nourish confidence and empower candidates. In our 2020 edition of Sustainability@Work we focus on these and other initiatives. While we prepare our business for the future, we must attend to the more immediate needs of the present. To that, please stay safe and healthy.

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jacques van den broek.


As Randstad Group’s CEO, I lead our mission of supporting people and organizations in realizing their true potential.