One of the most advanced HR trends is sourcing dormant candidates through social media. As the lion's share of highly-qualified job candidates use social media to illustrate their qualifications, how can you best tap into this? While social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter give potential employers an understanding of who candidates are on a personal level, there are other social media platforms specifically designed for the purpose of creating a professional profile.

While there are a plethora of business social media platforms on the internet, most charge a fee which can detour qualified candidates from signing up. Among those that offer free services, Google+, LinkedIn, TalkBizNow and Beyond are at the top with respect to both quality of service and quantity of candidates.


While not yet as popular as some other professional profile platforms, Google+ is quickly gaining ground. Not only does Google+ allow professionals to illustrate their work history and skill sets, it is connected to other powerful Google software that can be used to work collaboratively and share information quickly - like Google Drive. Google+ also allows potential employers to view the activities of a candidate on other social media platforms like YouTube.


LinkedIn was the first website to separate itself as a professional profile platform and develop a web-wide following. LinkedIn is the paradigm of professional profile platforms. It allows job seekers to upload resumes and supporting documents; allows users to post skills and experience; permits a user's followers to comment and verify a job seeker's qualifications; and connects employers with job seekers. LinkedIn is the number one business social media platform on the internet for a reason.


TalkBizNow is a business community that links those offering business services with small businesses and professionals who need those services. Their tagline is, "Our members can network, collaborate with each other, promote and do business online at Talkbiznow." With respect to tools, TalkBizNow may be the most comprehensive business social media platform on the internet. It provides its community members with tools like:

  • workspace
  • people search
  • groups
  • messages
  • chat
  • webinars
  • voice conferencing
  • advertising
  • blog
  • file storage
  • global push


As a business professional network, Beyond is one of the oldest of its kind. Beyond is geared toward IT and technology fields, but it is not limited to those markets. Beyond allows job seekers to post a profile and companies to post jobs. The website claims to have connected more than 5 million employers and candidates.


These business social media platforms provide potential employers with more than just an understanding of how a candidate interacts and communicates with other professionals. They also provide key information about a candidate's educational background, previous employment, and skill set than a standard resume or vita. By utilizing one of these tools, you'll find new employees who are the best fit for your organization.