If you’re having trouble attracting great IT talent, don’t worry – you’re not alone. With demand for developers, data scientists and cybersecurity specialists at record levels, companies around the globe are experiencing the same difficulties in acquiring these skills. Even when you can find qualified workers, the competition to win them over can be fierce. So what can you do to make your business a more attractive employer?

Even the playing field by adopting pragmatic measures and playing off your employer strengths. By developing the right messaging and making sure your employee value proposition are aligned to the desires of your target talent pool, you give yourself the best opportunity to compete.

Want to learn how? We recommend six crucial steps to make this happen. These include:

start with an assessment

Begin by understanding how your employer brand is perceived and  how you can strengthen it to enhance your talent attraction strategies. Focus on key metrics around your employer and corporate brands to gain a sense of direction for getting started.

define your EVP

Do you offer a compelling workplace and culture to workers? Make sure you have what it takes to bring great job applicants to your career site by examining the benefits you currently provide and determining whether they align with the desires of recruits.

You can read more by reading our entire six-point approach for making your business a more attractive place to work for IT and technology workers here.  

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