annual information documents year 2009.

Pursuant to Article 5:24 of the Financial Markets Supervision Act (“Wet op het financieel toezicht”), Randstad Holding nv is required to annually provide the general public with a document containing or referring to all information published or otherwise made available by the company to the general public as per capital markets requirements in the previous twelve months before publication of the Annual Results.

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Date: January 2010

This annual information document ("AID") is required by and is being made pursuant to Article 5:24 of the Financial Markets Supervision Act ("Wet op het financieel toezicht") and not for any other purpose.

Neither Randstad Holding nv nor any other person takes responsibility for, or makes any representation, as to the accuracy or completeness of, the information contained in this AID. The information contained in this document is not necessarily up to date as the date of this AID and Randstad Holding nv does not undertake any obligation to update any such information in the future. Neither this AID nor the information referred to herein constitutes, by virtue of this communication, an offer of any securities addressed to any person and should not be relied upon by any such person.

Pursuant to Article 5:59 (1) of the Financial Markets Supervision Act, public companies listed on Euronext Amsterdam are required to publish price-sensitive information through the use of a press release. This AID refers to information that has already been published by Randstad Holding nv or made available to the public since January 1, 2006 under applicable Dutch law and regulations relating to securities issuers and securities markets. Below all press releases are listed. The full text of these press releases can also be found on the corporate website of Randstad Holding nv (

press releasesUS staffing have returned to growth for the first time in three years - 04 December 2009

Third quarter results 2009 - 29 October 2009

Randstad announces decision in British competition investigation -30 September 2009

Randstad launches EUR 125 million standby facility for the securitization of accounts receivable -
18 August 2009

Q2 2009: organic revenue decline stabilized through quarter (-31%); operating costs 24% lower - 29 July 2009

Randstad lodges appeal against fine imposed by AFM -16 July 2009

Randstad sells part of its salary administration & payroll services to Raet -14 July 2009

Very difficult quarter; strong cost and debt management whilst maintaining commercial strength-
24 April 2009

Randstad updates agenda AGM 17 March 2009

Fourth quarter and annual results 2008 26 February 2009

Randstad announces outcome French competition investigation 02 February 2009

Randstad announces planned headcount reductions in France 09 January 2009