value for candidates.

By connecting our candidates with suitable employment opportunities, we provide them and their families with independence, as well as job satisfaction, dignity, and respect. Through both temporary and permanent placements, we offer candidates opportunities to gain experience and improve their skills, while achieving personal growth and developing their career. For many candidates, temporary work represents their first step on the way to a permanent job or liberates them from unemployment. It is the best possible training for a permanent job. Furthermore, by developing longterm relationships with our candidates, we are able to understand and help them formulate the best career path and help them achieve their long-term career ambitions.

By finding work for people, we contribute to the optimization of talent allocation. By helping candidates manage their initial expectations and ambitions in terms of sector, client and job profiles, and by providing training where necessary, we help them adapt to changing requirements. We recognize that various groups of people in society are distanced from work. We run a variety of local programs with job- and skills-oriented training in order to integrate or re-integrate these people into the employment market.