• René Steenvoorden appointed as member of the Executive Board. 
  • Hélène Auriol Potier and Wout Dekker (re)appointed as members of the Supervisory Board.
  • The company now has 43% female members in the Supervisory Board.

Today, at the Randstad AGM, shareholders adopted the proposal to appoint René Steenvoorden to its Executive Board in his role as Chief Digital Officer. The intention to appoint René Steenvoorden as CDO was announced on 8 October 2019.

Hélène Auriol Potier was appointed to the Supervisory Board for a first term of four years while Wout Dekker was reappointed for a third term of two years. The number of women in the Supervisory Board has increased to 43%.

Having been employed by Randstad since 2016, René Steenvoorden will continue to lead the development of Randstad’s digital strategy and its implementation across the Group. In addition, René will remain Randstad’s Chief Information Officer (CIO) and responsible for IT development, maintenance and operations. 

Hélène Auriol Potier is a French national and she built her career in the digital technologies and telecommunications industry in the United States, Europe, Africa and Asia. She is an experienced executive and worked at various companies such as Orange Business Services, Microsoft, Dell Inc., Nortel and France Telecom.

overview of AGM resolutions

Other resolutions that have been approved and adopted at the AGM are the:

  • financial statements 2019
  • amendment of the articles of association
  • discharge of liability of the members of the Executive Board for their management 
  • discharge of liability of the members of the Supervisory Board for their supervision of the management 
  • remuneration policy of the executive board
  • remuneration policy of the supervisory board
  • designation of the Executive Board as the authorized corporate body to issue shares and to restrict or exclude the pre-emptive right to any issue of shares 
  • extension of the authorization of the Executive Board to repurchase shares 
  • extension of the authorization to cancel repurchased shares 
  • reappointment of Sjoerd van Keulen as board member of Stichting Administratiekantoor Preferente Aandelen Randstad for a third term of two years
  • reappointment of Deloitte Accountants BV as external auditor for the financial year 2021 

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