concerns about the growing skills gap have existed since industrialization.

A labor market crisis that has been quietly brewing for many years has become much more pronounced during the past year. I am referring to the training and skilling deficiency that exists in the absence of a comprehensive and coordinated effort among the private sector, government entities, and perhaps most importantly, workers.

My colleague Dominique Hermans, who has been elevated to the role of CEO of Randstad Group Netherlands as of April 1, writes about the challenges and difficulties of reskilling workers in a rapidly evolving Dutch labor market. I absolutely believe her observations, however, can be applicable in virtually every other economy. Dominique points out that concerns about the growing skills gap have existed since industrialization, but due to rapid digitalization the problem has accelerated not just during the pandemic but for some years before.

We can overcome this inertia using a coordinated effort and data that indicates which jobs will become obsolete. This will help better identify those at risk and focus reskilling efforts.

You can read more about Dominique’s thoughts in her latest blog.

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