Date: January 2016

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press releases

18-Dec-15 - Randstad Workmonitor 4th quarter 2015: employee outlook 2016: STEM and digital profiles high on wish lists
15-Dec-15 - Offer document regarding Randstad’s offer to the shareholders of Proffice made public
30-Nov-15 - Randstad announces a recommended cash offer to the shareholders of Proffice
17-Nov-15 - Randstad announces and endorses the Pact for Youth, a pledge from EU and business leaders
17-Nov-15 - Capital Markets Day; Trading update: 7.7% revenue growth in October
29-Oct-15 - Q3: Solid profitable growth
7-Oct-15 - Randstad becomes partner company of the International Organisation of Employers (IOE)
25-Sep-15 - Randstad to acquire outplacement innovator RiseSmart and build a strong career transition services portfolio
23-Sep-15 - 11 Randstad executives among the Global Power 100 -Women in Staffing list
17-Sep-15 - First students to join the Randstad Williams Engineering Academy
14-Sep-15 - Randstad included in Dow Jones Sustainability Index 2015
7-Sep-15 - Diversity in the workplace: aiming for true acceptance
30-Jul-15 - Q2: Solid execution; Europe gaining momentum
9-Jul-15 - Randstad Innovation Fund invests in talent quality platform Checkster
25-Jun-15 - Randstad Innovation Fund invests in real-time messaging platform Brazen
15-Jun-15 - Randstad Workmonitor, results wave 2-2015: Working hours vs. private time: blurred lines
2-Jun-15 - Randstad CEO calls for focus on skills development to counter mismatch
30-Apr-15 - Q1: Continued improvement
27-Apr-15 - Randstad announces dividend conversion rate
23-Apr-15 - Microsoft wins Global Randstad Award 2015 and is the most attractive employer worldwide
9-Apr-15 - Randstad CFO Robert Jan van de Kraats joins Supervisory Board Schiphol Group
2-Apr-15 - Randstad shareholders adopt all AGM resolutions
25-Mar-015 - Global Randstad Award 2015 nominees in the running to become the most attractive employer worldwide
9-Mar-15 - Randstad Workmonitor, results wave 1-2015; Growing to be 100 years old: impact on pensions, employability, and older workers biases
19-Feb-15 - Solid Q4 results
7-Jan-15 - Randstad commences share repurchase program to cover performance share plans