Date: January 2018

This annual information document ("AID") is required by and is being made pursuant to Article 5:24 of the Financial Markets Supervision Act ("Wet op het financieel toezicht") and not for any other purpose.

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Pursuant to Article 5:59 (1) of the Financial Markets Supervision Act, public companies listed on Euronext Amsterdam are required to publish price-sensitive information through the use of a press release. This AID refers to information that has already been published by Randstad N.V. or made available to the public since January 1, 2006 under applicable Dutch law and regulations relating to securities issuers and securities markets. Below all press releases are listed. The full text of these press releases can also be found on the corporate website of Randstad Holding nv (

press releases

25-1-2017 - randstad france gains control of ausy through successful cash tender offer: randstad france to hold nearly 93% of outstanding ausy shares                         

14-2-2017 - q4 2016: improving momentum in europe                    

20-2-2017 -  randstad france will implement a squeeze out on ausy shares and ornane 

20-3-2017 -  randstad workmonitor, results 1st quarter 2017: being an entrepreneur is considered attractive, but actually becoming one, seems a step too far                      

30-3-2017 -  randstad shareholders adopt all agm resolutions                     

25-4-2017 -  q1 2017: sound growth continues                    

15-5-2017 -  randstad employer brand research 2017: good work life balance can become game changer for women and millennials

6-6-2017 - randstad ceo jacques van den broek calls for the need for an inclusive, agile and adaptable future labor market                               

26-6-2017 - randstad workmonitor q2 2017: lifelong learning considered essential to increase employability and avoid unemployment                               

25-7-2017 - q2 2017: europe gaining further momentum                              

7-9-2017 - randstad holding in djsi 2017 and assessed best in class in the social dimension                            

18-9-2017 - randstad workmonitor q3 2017: regularly refreshing skills and competencies considered essential to enhance employability                    

27-9-2017 - randstad and williams announce 2017 intake for the randstad williams engineering academy                              

28-9-2017 - eight randstad executives named in sia’s 2017 global power 100 – women in staffing list                        

4-10-2017 - randstad introduces new brand positioning centered around the company’s ‘tech & touch’ strategy              

24/10/2017 - q3 2017: strong topline momentum continues.                

10-11-2017 - robert jan van de kraats to step down on 27 march 2018                    

21-11-2017 - randstad capital markets day: tech & touch strategy to drive further market share gains                     

11-12-2017 - randstad workmonitor q4 2017: who’s responsible for employability? positive employee outlook for 2018.                               

14-12-2017 - randstad holding nv announced changes in its supervisory board                   

21-12-2017 - ausy acquires esolve in germany to strengthen its position in the automotive sector