value for society

Our core values inspire us to conduct our activities, both inside and outside the corporate environment, in a sustainable manner, and to use our knowledge and experience to make a positive contribution to the world around us. We can make a meaningful difference by using our knowledge and services to influence diversity, social cohesion, and inclusion in the world's employment markets. Research shows that countries with more developed HR services markets typically have lower overall unemployment and fewer people in long-term unemployment. These markets are more inclusive and suffer less from unfair working conditions, exploitation, and irregular work. We believe our industry has a unique opportunity to help create a truly sustainable future, both socially and economically, by literally shaping the world of work.

We strongly believe that social dialogue and active participation in industry bodies will help produce clear, fair, and workable regulations in the markets in which we operate. By investing in strong industry federations – on a national, regional, and global level – we believe we can contribute to the future development of the HR services industry. Employee participation in social dialogue is promoted through a network of national works councils, in which managers and employees across the Randstad Group regularly address work and HR-related issues. Randstad also actively engages in national and international dialogue with labor unions.