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As part of our commitment to provide expertise for a better society, we have a global partnership with Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO) to provide support to communities in countries that need it most.

voluntary service overseas.

Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO) is the world’s leading development NGO that fights poverty through the knowledge and skills of volunteers. Randstad is VSO's global employability partner, supporting VSO's work to help marginalized people to access the labor market. This is achieved by giving our employees an opportunity to volunteer in VSO’s international projects that focus on employability. We also use our knowledge and expertise to help VSO become bigger and better at recruiting volunteers across the world.

The VSO-Randstad partnership is very valuable to us, because shaping the world of work does not end on our doorstep or at country borders. It is a great incentive for our employees to be able to go overseas on a VSO placement, share their knowledge with local communities, and bring back a wealth of learning and insights. Supporting VSO's recruitment processes to enable them to place more professionals as volunteers wherever they are needed, is very rewarding.”

Jacques van den Broek, CEO Randstad

projects we support.

Our partnership focuses on specific projects that align with our employees’ core skills and competencies and with Randstad’s own strategic focus, namely on employability. Currently most of Randstad's VSO volunteers support projects in East Africa, specifically Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya. 

In Tanzania, Randstad volunteers work primarily with vocational and technical training institutes to build their capacity in preparing and supporting students to enter the labor market or set up their own businesses. In Kenya, Randstad volunteers support marginalised young people with career guidance and the development of soft and technical skills for employment and entrepreneurship. In 2018, we touched 4,147 people’s work lives through our projects in Tanzania and India.

volunteer stories.

“I’m working as a life skills advisor. My main activities include creating training material for these young women around empowerment and soft skills – then planning and delivering this training. I’m also responsible for building the capacity of our partners to be able to deliver career guidance. The aim is that through training, these young people can gain the skills to become economically independent."

Veronica Conti, senior recruiter at Randstad Netherlands.

“I’m really enjoying working and living in a totally different culture. If you surrender into the new experience, it helps you grow personally as much as professionally – especially when you work in HR. Although my placement hasn’t finished yet, I’ve already noticed improvements in my ability to adjust, to be flexible and to be open-minded. VSO teaches you to let go of the way you’re used to doing things."


May Wesseling, Healthcare consultant & Training advisor at Randstad Netherlands.

kilimanjaro challenge 2019.

Randstad employees are taking part in a once in a lifetime experience: to trek through the Kilimanjaro national park, in aid of VSO. Each participant needs to raise €5,000. The funds raised will make a huge impact to VSOs projects in Tanzania that specialise in supporting the employment prospects of marginalised girls in Mwanza, in northern Tanzania.

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