with crisis comes opportunity.

Reflecting…Pushing pause…Being in the moment…Taking stock… 

In our lives as leaders - especially in the rush of leading in the fast lane - we sometimes forget to hit the pause button and take time for ourselves. I’ve come to realize that times of crisis are a wake-up call to cherish the important stuff.  

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make your mindset your greatest asset.

Leadership lessons have been 'done to death,' argues Michael Smith in his Blue Notes column. Instead, Michael examines how to make your mindset work for you in the most positive way possible.

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leadership lessons in trust and vulnerability.

Earning the trust of your employees in times of uncertainty, means showing vulnerability. In your next team meeting, leave out the numbers, reporting and brass tacks to talk about emotions.

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you are on mute.

In a time when social distancing is key, we're not letting go of each other. Keep your distance, 6 feet at least. But human beings were made to connect. Generally speaking, people want to be together.

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message from our CEO.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve experienced a real information overload lately and it’s not always easy to sort through the fog. 

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COVID-19: an update from our CEO.

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