Challenges in talent management remain, the key is of course, how do you handle them?

There has been a lot of speculation about what millennials have to offer the workforce. You have probably heard many of these speculations - "millennials are lazy," "millennials feel a sense of entitlement," and "millennials are technology obsessed." The truth is that while so-called experts think they understand the millennial generations, the facts just don't support these stereotypical opinions.

With the oldest members of Generation Z having just entered the workforce and Millennials beginning to take on management roles, it is time to take a closer look at what they really have to offer and take some of these myths head-on.

millennials want constant praise

In an IBM study, the majority of millennials claim to want a boss that is fair, ethical, transparent, consistent and dependable. Only 29 percent said they were looking for praise for accomplishments. This certainly debunks that myth that millennials want praise above all else.

millennials feel entitled 

There is no clear evidence to support the notion that millennials feel entitled more than any other previous generation. Millennials are, however, more willing to speak up for themselves and express their opinions, even to their superiors, than their elders. They are not afraid to ask for that raise or promotion, or to take the risk to move on when necessary.

millennials are obsessed with technology 

Millennials grew up with technology all around them, so it's only natural that technology is a major part of their life. However, when it comes to their preferred method of communication in the workforce, 39 percent of millennials state that they want face-to-face communication above emails and text messages.

millennials are lazy 

Millennials may work differently, but characterizing them as lazy doesn't provide a clear picture. This generation lives by the motto "work smarter - not harder." They deplore inefficiency and bureaucracy and they are constantly looking for a way to do more in less time. This fresh look is not a bad thing. It can even help to improve business processes and boost overall production.

millennials lack social media etiquette 

This couldn't be further from the truth. This generation grew up with social media and they know more than any other generation in the workforce the dangerous of blurring the lines between their personal and professional lives. They are better at setting these boundaries than gen X-ers before them.

It's time to say goodbye to these unproven myths about millennials and accept them for the talented, ambitious and efficient workers they are. Understanding the millennial worker and the vital role they play in today's multigenerational workforce can help you create a stronger hiring strategy to attract the best and brightest this generation has to offer.

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