Like any marketing initiative, nurturing your employer brand requires rigorous attention and extensive labor market insights in order to be successful. This means your company needs to be on point with a compelling value proposition directed at the right audience. And that’s not as simple as it seems.

Employers often undertake an employer branding campaign as a grand corporate initiative that dictates the tone and approach for the entire organization. Whether it’s to raise awareness about the company’s overall employer brand, to recruit for a particular project or to build a sustainable talent pool, a top-down methodology is typically how many companies carry out their efforts.

While some strategic activities need to be executed at the corporate level – clarifying your mission statement and values, establishing your overall employee value proposition, creating a global career portal, for instance – other tactical work should be locally administered to ensure a high degree of relevance for your target markets. Cultural and societal differences, language nuances and even geographical
considerations should all be factored into the development of a comprehensive and effective strategy that resonates at all levels within relevant target audiences.

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