hr trends: video recruiting

Low unemployment rates are good for the economy, but they spell bad news for recruiting professionals. After years of battling through hundreds of applications for each open position, many staffers now have the opposite problem. Talent scarcity is keeping recruiters up at night, and it will continue to be the primary challenge for the foreseeable future. Even if the number of people looking for work starts to rise, the fact is that most lack the experience and expertise for 21st-century jobs.

the future belongs to video

International IT giant Cisco reports that in 2015, 70 percent of Internet content was in the form of video. By 2020, that figure will increase to 82 percent. Forward-thinking employers are taking notice of this trend, designing short films that can be easily shared across social media. The clips are usually 60 to 90 seconds long, and they provide an introduction to the company's culture. Executives discuss available positions, and current staff members offer testimonials on their employment experiences.

Video can be used in other ways as well. Instead of creating lengthy job descriptions, clips provide a realistic preview of job responsibilities. High-quality applicants are attracted to the organization's transparency, making it more likely that they will pursue the position. Some recruiters are using the popularity of video chat applications to offer question-and-answer sessions and informal interviews. The face-to-face interaction increases applicants' commitment to the company.

going mobile is a must

The candidate experience must be front and center, requiring changes in long-ingrained habits of letting lengthy periods go by without any contact--sometimes known as "ghosting." Fortunately, the digital tools available on mobile devices make it easy to streamline and customize each applicant's candidacy.

While mobile devices accounted for only 8 percent of Internet traffic in 2007, that figure surpassed fixed Internet traffic in 2014. Many app developers are nearly unable to keep up with the demand for this trend toward mobile use. You can easily transition your multi-page application to a quick, mobile-friendly version.

Through automated text messages, you can provide candidates with regular updates on their application status. Most importantly, you can use chat and video features to make yourself more available, ensuring you won't lose coveted candidates to the competition because they think you have lost interest. 

rethinking recruiting strategies

The future of recruiting belongs to those who are quick to adopt new and creative methods of attracting applicants, such as video sharing and digital tools. Skillful use of social media is a requirement, and all content must be mobile-friendly. Smart staffing professionals are using these tactics now to ensure they stay a step ahead of the competition.