To make sense of this moment, it’s helpful to remember that while these days are difficult they are not unprecedented. We’ve faced down collapses before — from pandemics to natural disasters and economic crises. Each time we learned the lessons we could and emerged better and stronger. 

Today, we’re all going through an incredibly tough situation in which our worlds have become smaller. With so many of us working from home, the boundaries between work and private life are blurred more than ever. Through it all, please, be sure to make time for yourself and the people closest to you. It’s okay to shut your computer and put the phone on silent. It’s okay to disconnect. In fact, this is essential. Taking the time to recharge and find perspective is not a luxury. It’s key to your wellbeing and one of those things you just can’t buy.

In a few days, many of our colleagues will celebrate Easter. Some will do so virtually. Whether or not you are celebrating, take the coming weekend as an opportunity to find time for yourselves. Recovering from the situation we’re in, means taking care of ourselves and each other. I am confident that we have learned enough from the bitterest moments in our history to come out of this even stronger once again.


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jacques van den broek.


As Randstad Group’s CEO, I lead our mission of supporting people and organizations in realizing their true potential.