absenteeism: understanding and managing a critical issue.

As a corporate leader at Randstad, it’s so important to stay highly visible in this virtual environment and to constantly track the wellbeing of our people, knowing their welfare influences everything we do. I’m not alone as most executives are also highly vigilant about the state of their workforce. That’s why as some workers continue to face unprecedented stress during the pandemic, the issue of absenteeism should be on everyone’s radar.

This is the issue of employees taking unscheduled time off due to a host of reasons, which can cause disruption and a loss of productivity. With greater awareness and a plan to address many of the causes, however, employers can minimize the impact.

The factors that lead to greater absenteeism are multifaceted. Staff may be feeling physically or mentally unwell, leading to missed days on the job. An unwelcoming workplace can also deter engagement – although this may be less of a factor today due to more work-from-home arrangements. Additionally, some missed days may be the result of workers conducting job searches and interviews.

The best way to address growing absenteeism in your organization is to identify the root causes and take swift action, such as enhancing your wellness program, boosting retention and nurturing a more inclusive culture. You can learn more about the problem of absenteeism and potential solutions in our recently published Randstad article and guide.

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Jacques van den Broek

ceo and chair of the executive board

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