Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly transforming our personal and work lives. In the HR services industry, AI is helping to create a more personal and transparent candidate experience. For instance, automated matching can help job seekers find the right opportunity with little effort. AI can also minimize unconscious bias in the recruitment process.

We must, however, apply technology carefully as not to introduce systemic biases that may affect how employers source, screen and hire talent. In a co-authored article that appears in MIT Sloan Management Review this week, Randstad’s Glen Cathey takes a closer look at how to ensure AI is deployed in a fair and ethical manner by the recruitment industry. This is an important mandate because many companies are relying on technology to help them screen and acquire critical talent, sometimes without robust safeguards to detect and mitigate biases.  

As an active investor in HR technology, Randstad has long adhered to a set of AI principles. We believe any AI tools we use must be beneficial for society as a whole, be transparent and explainable, and be fair and inclusive by design. Glen explains how keeping these principles top of mind will result in a better and more inclusive workforce. You can read more here.

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Jacques van den Broek

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