The latest HR trends impacting your talent strategies this year.


With the New Year just a month away, the HR industry is expecting huge changes in 2017. From strategies and leadership to business acumen, these are but a few key areas that human resources personnel will have to focus on. While tremendous progress has already been made this past year, the demand for critical skills and centralized processes continues to soar across the industry. With this in mind, effective HR leadership will also be imperative in delivering maximum results and greater executive support.


Rethinking HR strategies will be of crucial importance in 2017. Long gone are the days of simply placing the right candidates for job vacancies across many industries. Today's HR professional must offer a comprehensive range of services that correlate with existing business environments. They must stay abreast of all the latest industry trends and developments, while continuing to evolve and enhance their overall business skills. This can be done by learning new HR applications, along with helping to meet overall company goals and directives.


A strong emphasis on HR leadership will also take center stage this coming year. Instead of looking at yourself as an HR leader, become a business leader who works in HR. The importance of leadership skills among HR professionals will be essential in achieving desired results. No matter which capacity you work in, make the best out of the tools and resources that currently exist. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Employee relations webinars, guidelines and manuals.
  • Adapting and implementing HR apps that streamline and centralize HR processes.
  • Staying engaged in a world of constant HR changes. Social and mobile media platforms are a must.
  • Being a great listener and understanding the needs of your clients - as opposed to just treating them like robots or statistics.
  • Going above and beyond the call of duty to meet client goals and aspirations across the board.

Business Acumen

Understanding the HR industry changes will help drive business results. It will also improve productivity and performance across multiple departments. With new SaaS tools enhancing employee self-service and more automation than ever before, workplace workflows will continue to make HR processing smoother and efficient. It is imperative for all personnel to tap into these burgeoning trends by learning new programs and systems. The New Year will also highlight the following HR competencies:

  • Embrace industry changes and do not fear them.
  • Trust your instincts and let the creative juices flow.
  • Earn client trust, gain faster results, and procure deeper relations by becoming the "go to" person in your department.

Next year will not only be about gaining more HR knowledge - it's what you do with that knowledge that counts. This is where leadership skills and business acumen will heavily come into play.