If you're experiencing difficulties with locating or retaining great talent, it's time to up your recruiting game. The first thing you need to do is evaluate the current application process. Are applicants dropping out of the process? Are you using just one or two advertising methods? Is the application process lengthy? If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions, you could be losing the opportunity to grab some of the best talent out there.

use multiple methods

To start, you need to use several methods to get applicants into your business. Don't just rely on online applications - take walk-ins and use online resources in addition to your regular process. If someone prefers to fill out a paper application, let them. You could always scan the application into your recruiting system.

shorten the process

Is the application process cumbersome? Shorten it up. Instead of requiring the initial application, an interview, a second set of application questions, another interview and then the required forms, combine a couple of these steps. In many cases, you might also eliminate the second interview. Many people looking for work need work now, not three months from now. You could be losing talent to another firm who has a shorter application process and makes the decision in a week or two.

get aggressive

Recruiting is becoming more aggressive. In addition to posting jobs, sifting through resumes, attending career fairs and setting up cold calls, make sure you host a party for your recruiting audience. Invite them to the event, which should be held in your building, to meet your employees. Show off your company and reveal why it would be so great to work there.

keep your job advertisements focused

Your job advertisements should be focused and specific. If you want someone with 10 years of experience in a specific field, list that. When the job ad includes specifics, only those who believe they meet your requirements will apply, thus reducing the applications and resumes you have to sift through. This is also a huge time-saver, since it will prevent a mid-interview discovery that the candidate has 5 years of experience in another field he or she thinks is related.

When you up your recruiting game, you'll have more time to spend with better-qualified candidates. You'll also retain anyone you do hire, since that person is applying for a job that meets your requirements, as well as his or hers.