With the global economy transforming rapidly, it’s encouraging to learn that most employers provide skilling opportunities to their workforce. Our Randstad RiseSmart 'Skilling Today' global survey revealed that 72% of HR professionals say their company makes skilling opportunities continuously available for career development. That’s the good news.

Unfortunately, most employer-sponsored skilling options are not offered to all employees, and 91% of HR leaders believe learning would be more effective with expert guidance and by conducting skills gap analysis for workers. At the same time, nearly all (98%) say the skills employees gained from skilling benefited their business.

What these figures tell us is that employers are doing the right thing by helping their workers acquire relevant skills, but more support is needed to ensure no one is left behind during these transformative times. Such efforts are good for companies, workers and certainly society at large. You can learn more about the global state of skilling by requesting our report.

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Jacques van den Broek

ceo and chair of the executive board

Randstad's Global CEO, leading our mission of supporting people and organizations in realizing their true potential.