The past year has been a trying time for citizens around the world, so as we approach tomorrow’s UN World Day of Social Justice, it’s an event we should all take notice of. The dynamics of the pandemic has led to opportunities for some, while exacerbating inequities for others. 

To commemorate this year’s event, the UN is highlighting the challenges of addressing social justice in the digital economy – in particular the growing divide between developed markets with robust technology infrastructures and markets that lack such resources. At the same time, the international body is calling attention to potential exploitation of workers using digital employment platforms, specifically wage and work hour protections.

I’ve always believed that even in our rapidly evolving world of work, everyone should have access to decent work that provides a livable wage. There are many social justice issues that confront us today, but few are as important as the guarantee of fair and just employment. It is a basic right that has tremendous repercussions across society. Read more about the World Day of Social Justice.

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