Once upon a time, robots were stuff of science fiction. They lumbered around in movies, then they toiled away on assembly lines. Now they are so commonplace that they vacuum up kitty hair around the house. Additionally, artificial intelligence (AI) grows smarter every day, offering leaps forward in matching and in personalizing the experience of working with your organization.

Let’s look at a few of the significant ways in which robots can help enhance the power, reach and impact of your employer brand.

the power of referral.

Employee referral (ER) is a potent source for economical, culturally aligned, efficient hiring. Technology-enabled referral platforms are taking this idea several steps further. They enable sharing job openings and content with our social networks at scale. But when technology also matches the skills and abilities of our network with the requirements of our business, it accelerates the access to strong talent. 

encourage employees. 

Workers today rely less on corporate messaging and more on peer reviews. As a result, we should help existing staff “sell” on our behalf. Technologies such as Smarp, PostBeyond or Elevate from LinkedIn do this by curating content in one place for quick and simple sharing. Analytics and gamification remove additional obstacles that stand between your brand stories and your audiences. 

bring artificial intelligence to life.

Automation has a transformative effect on how we recruit and how candidates feel about the process. Growing investment in AI continues this evolution. In learning how to speak to candidates and support hiring managers, technology moves beyond driving efficiency and can actually build relationships — a critical component of successful acquisition and conversion.

personalize without the person. 

Candidates are more inquisitive than ever, and portals such as Glassdoor and the rise in interest in employer brand strategies are effects of interacting with an information-hungry audience. Businesses are seeking greater diversity of talent and need convenient tools to personalize on a greater scale. Chat platforms such as Brazen or PathMotion enable organizations to offer remote relationship building and connections at scale.

build long-term relationships. 

If we do our jobs well, we will always deliver more superb candidates than live vacancies. What happens, then, with every unsuccessful candidate? Or those not quite ready to move? This is where long-term relationships are built, contact which continually engages candidates. Modern candidate relationship management (CRM) platforms help grow, manage and develop these relationships in a proactive way to maintaining healthy pipelines until the time is right for them to join. 

listen and learn.

The world has never been noisier than it is today. Ignoring the noise is no longer an option because the conversation can affect every element of your business — from the value of your stock to your ability to attract future workers. Media monitoring technologies can help you pull this wall of noise into individual conversation strands, reports and themes. This gives you the chance to listen - and respond - to the collective and individual voices that have a story to share about you and your business.

it’s personal.

These developments and technologies are about adding elements of personality, individuality or humanity into a candidate journey and experience that can feel like it has become too automated and slickly efficient. Personalization enables us to go to places that would otherwise prove impossible. It shows our successes and highlights our failures in detail so we can do something about them. 

Businesses best at attracting and engaging candidates help them perform and advance. And they can then leverage these employees as brand ambassadors. Because they represent so many varied success stories, their experiences can become tailored messages for every kind of candidate. The technology now exists to make that a reality, whatever the size of your company. 

We often envision technology leading to a cold and impersonal experience, but given today’s HR technology landscape, the truth is an experience that feels human means you likely need to embrace some robots. 

To access a comprehensive white paper on how technology can help your organization better attract and win great talent, click here. For a more specific conversation or question, you can reach me at steven.brand@randstadsourceright.co.uk