randstad award winners 2019.

The Randstad Award recognizes the most attractive employers in 32 markets across the globe. 

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winners 2017

  • Japan

    1st: Nissin Food Holdings
    2nd: Toyota Motor
    3rd: Suntory Holdings

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  • France

    1st: DCNS
    2nd: Airbus Group
    3rd: Dassault Aviation

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  • Germany

    1st: Daimler
    2nd: BMW
    3rd: ZF Friedrichshafen

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  • Hungary

    1st: Audi
    2nd: Mercedes-Benz
    3rd: Lego

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  • Italy

    1st: Thales Alenia Space Italia
    2nd: Lamborghini
    3rd: Mondadori

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  • Luxembourg

    1st: Banque et Caisse d'Epargne de l'Etat Luxembourg
    2nd: Groupe CFL
    3rd: Group Post Luxembourg

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  • Netherlands

    1st: Philips 
    2nd: KLM
    3rd: Luchthaven Schiphol

    1st: Maxima Medisch Centrum
    2nd: Ministerie van Volksgezond-heid, Welzijn en Sport
    3rd: UMC Radboud Nijmegen

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  • Poland

    1st: KGHM Polska Miedz
    2nd: Volvo Polska
    3rd: Polskie Linie Lotnicze LOT

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  • Portugal

    1st: Microsoft
    2nd: Delta Cafés
    3rd: TAP

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  • Spain

    1st: Mercedes Benz
    2nd: BSH Bosch + Siemens Electrodomésticos
    3rd: Nestlé

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  • Sweden

    1st: Sveriges Television (SVT)
    2nd: Volvo Car Group
    3rd: Volvo Group

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  • Switzerland

    1st: Google
    2nd: Swatch
    3rd: Lindt & Sprüngli

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  • United Kingdom

    1st: British Airways
    2nd: Johnson Controls
    3rd: TUI Group

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  • China

    1st: IBM
    2nd: Intel
    3rd: Siemens

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  • Australia

    1st: Qantas
    2nd: VIC Government
    3rd: ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

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  • Hong Kong

    1st: MTR
    2nd: Swire Properties
    3rd: CLP Power

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  • India

    1st: Microsoft
    2nd: Google
    3rd: Mercedes Benz

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  • Malaysia

    1st: Shell
    2nd: Petronas
    3rd: Nestlé

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  • New Zealand

    1st: Air New Zealand
    2nd: Department of Conservation
    3rd: New Zealand Customs Service

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  • Russia

    1st: Gazprom Neft
    2nd: Gazprom energoholding
    3rd: Rosneft

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  • Singapore

    1st: Google
    2nd: Changi airport group
    3rd: ExxonMobil

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  • United States

    1st: Microsoft Corporation
    2nd: The Walt Disney Company
    3rd: Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC)

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  • Canada

    1st: Microsoft
    2nd: Air Canada
    3rd: Canadian National Railway 
    Company (CN)

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  • Argentina

    1st: Roemmers
    2nd: Arcor
    3rd: Toyota

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  • Brazil

    1st: Nestlé
    2nd: IBM
    3rd: Toyota

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employer branding hall of fame

2017 hall of fame.

The Randstad Employer Brand Hall of Fame celebrates outstanding employer brand achievement. The honoree is chronicled among the most attractive employers, and repeatedly elected by a large audience from all demographics.

Ferrero - Italy
WestJet Airlines Ltd. - Canada
John Lewis - UK
Singapore Airlines - Singapore
Mercedes Benz - Argentina
IKEA - Sweden

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